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"His tone is radiant and rich, charged with the sensitivity of his soul...Rajeev Taranath's swara, raga conception and implementation were fed on genuine deep founts of inspiration."
- The Hindu, Delhi 2001

"What a lovely mind for 'swara' and tone Rajeev Taranath displays! Each note leaves a lovely, languishing trail of tone behind it."
- The Economic Times, New Delhi

"One can detect, in the very first notes played by Rajeev Taranath, the inimitable mark left by his master Ali Akbar Khan. The same steady touch combines with a depth both forceful and caressing. A miraculous resonance and coherence together with a uniquely dense tonality pervade his music. His phrases develop and follow each other with a precision in which poetry coexists with the most dazzling rhythmic pulse. An impetuous, vigorous and spirited style, the most accurate fingering and highest talent for rhythmic improvisation are the hallmarks of the artist."
- Christian Ledoux, October 2008,
Theatre de la Ville, Paris, France

"It was a great performance from Rajeev Taranath at the NCPA. Bombay's connoisseurs will certainly love to hear him more often"
- Mohan Nadkarni, The Times of India

"Indian music was the focus of Cal Arts' Spring Music Festival; one high point - a luminous single raga from Rajeev Taranath and Swapan Chaudhuri."
- Don Heckman, The Los Angeles Times, 1998

"Taranath's sarod pulls heart strings...the audience was moved by the strength and emotional intensity of the music."
- Express,
New Delhi 2001

"Rajeev Taranath commenced his concert with a satisfyingly exhaustive presentation of Rag Yaman --a deeply introspective alap, complicated jhala and richly embellished madhyalaya gat followed by drut and atidrut gats revealing his amazing taiyyari. It was a concert to be stored in one's memory."
-Susheela Misra, Sunday Times of India, Lucknow

"The raga's efflorescence was unfolded by the well-laid alap, charming jod and varied rhythms added up to a deeply evocative effort."
- The Times of India, Bangalore

"Slowly, with strength and tenderness, this consummate artist built a structure of ordered sound which I would dare to compare with Beethoven's Hammer Klavier. Each note was electrifyingly true and rich in inner light... Surely Rajeev Taranath is the true disciple of his illustrious preceptor".- Adrian Rawlins, Music Critic, Australia

"Solid layakari and the ability to extemporize exciting tihais resulted in nothing better than a thrilling presentation from the gentleman scholar and sarod master".
- The Daily, Bombay

"After a long time a very high standard of music was heard at the Rana Smriti Samsad's Annual conference. Rajeev Taranath's evocation of the raga revealed fine imagination, aesthetic sense and technical expertise".
- The Statesman, Calcutta

"The hypnotic expansion of space and volume, the gradual intensification of feeling, created a unique atmosphere in which patient meditation and natural admiration for the profound musical skill of the performer had time and opportunity to mingle".
- Fred Blanks, Sydney Morning Herald

"Rajeev's music comes through as a constant dialectic between deep classical rigor and an irrepressible emotional intensity."
- Phoenix, Bangalore